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About Us

If you love sports and respect the planet, you’re in the right place!

Our zero-impact sports events are designed to increase awareness around respect for the environment and the fight against climate change.

One Day For Fitness was born in 2012 as a unique initiative and became one of the most important sports events in Northern Italy. Today it represents a large community of participants with whom you can share your passion during unforgettable days. We create sports events away from the daily routine to vent accumulated stress and find balance.


Our goal is to transform the city of Turin into a point of reference for a community of athletes who share values and objectives for a sustainable future.

Join our community and find out how you can reduce your environmental impact during the events that will take place in the central parks of Turin.


Excellent instructors and dozens of sport activities!

During our fitness experiences you can try dynamic and challenging activities such as functional training, circuit training, cross training, aero combat and cycling. Equally, a series of water training and holistic activities aimed at combining physical and mental well-being such as pilates, postural training, functional stretching and yoga.

Furthermore, during the events you can participate in trampoline, step, choreography, Latin American lessons and activities that combine fitness and dance.

The zero impact

For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it is important to exercise regularly. Fitness offers numerous benefits for physical and mental health, but are we sure it’s also good for the Earth?

Every workout we carry out, from the most to the least intense, requires the use of sports equipment, accommodation facilities, electricity and natural resources that have a negative impact on the environment and threaten the sustainability of the planet.

There is no doubt that thanks to physical activity we promote the well-being of our body, but if we don’t play sports responsibly, we destroy that of the Earth which will have no way of regenerating and recovering from the exploitation to which it is subjected day after day.

We must reverse the trend before it is too late. This is the mission of Zero Impact.

Promote people’s well-being and contribute to the health of the planet by investing in green resources and being at the forefront of organizing sustainable sports activities for fitness with zero environmental impact.

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