Workout for the Planet

It is a unique event divided into four wellness areas.

Yoga and

Rediscover Your Mental Balance

Do the rhythms of modern life hinder your moments of peace and serenity? Take a deep breath and regenerate through ancient yoga practices and modern mindfulness techniques. You will nourish your body and mind by reaching an all-encompassing balance.

Functional and

Explore The Beating Heart Of The Event

Do you hear this music? It is the rhythm of well-being. A dynamic workout designed to develop coordination and improve physical fitness through natural motor gestures and free body exercises on a musical basis. The action is on!

Area Personal

Embark On A Tailor-Made Athletic Journey

Do you think you make mistakes during an exercise? This area is dedicated to those who dream of tailor-made workouts thanks to the support of the best instructors. You will find personal trainers who will show you the exercises, ready to correct you in case of errors for a targeted and imperfection-free workout.


A Day Full Of Energy And Well-Being

After training your body and mind, access the fourth area of ​​the event, where you can meet the producers and sponsors who are committed, like us, to safeguarding and protecting the environment. Not just food products. Also, many other surprises and stands will offer you the best resources to regenerate yourself in an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Sustainability Actions

Our objectives for the event in terms of environmental sustainability.
Unite under the banner of sustainable sport to do good for yourselves and the Earth.


Zero Plastic

Water bottles are precious when training but are also among the most harmful plastic waste for the environment. We encourage its elimination through sustainable water sources throughout the event area. Are you thirsty? Fill your eco-friendly water bottle at the nearest point of delivery and say goodbye to disposable bottles for a healthier and cleaner environment.


Recycled Gadgets

Everyone knows that reusing and recycling are activities that have a positive impact on the environment. But how does recycling work? Find out by participating in our event. We will transform discarded materials into gadgets you can also take home as a souvenir of a day dedicated to personal well-being and the Planet.


Green Art

To celebrate the triumph of sustainability we deploy all our creativity. We will explore the secrets of environmental protection through informative talks with experts in the green sector. And then we will connect with the ecosystem thanks to the talented gaze of exceptional nature photographers.

Our Program

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Map of the Event
Map of the Event
Press Kit

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